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Immigration - Bankruptcy - Divorce & Child Support
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We help people!  Our lost cost services include professional preparation and filing of Immigration, Bankruptcy and Family Court petitions.

                                                     IMMIGRATION FORMS filed:
IMMIGRATION FORMS*We help people obtain Work Permits and legal status in the   U.S. 
* Petitions
* Family Petitions
* Work Petitions
* Asylum and Temporary Protected Status
* Battered Spouse Petitions
* Naturalization and Green Card Applications

bankruptcy                      *We help to find out id bankruptcy is right for you
                 *We help people STOP FORECLOSURE
                 *Affordable payment plan
                 *Fast filing available        

                                                    *Debt management programs
download debt          *Stop collection calls
          *Keep your car or business going
          *Wipe out credit card debts
             *Debt relief programs

Divorce services
                We help people with uncontested divorce and

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